The Beak September 2017

CIVA Community

CIVA Parents and Community,

There are many reasons to be a part of the CIVA community.  The potential impact upon a young persons’ life is always the most meaningful.  We recently had a student return to us after having moved to Michigan for an academic year.  We are overjoyed with her return to CIVA and her story is so amazing we thought we would share it with you all. 

Victoria's Story

Last September, I moved with my family away from my hometown of Colorado Springs to Traverse City, Michigan. I left CIVA at the start of my junior year to go to a public school of approximately 1,800 students. During the year, I worked a part time job, got my driver’s license, and my own car. I completed my junior year with a 3.9 GPA and 1210 on the SAT. Despite adjusting well on the outside, emotionally there was no enjoyment in everyday life. I have always enjoyed and excelled at school, but there was a lack of satisfaction in many aspects of my life. I was homesick to the point of it affecting my physical, mental and emotional health.

They say home is not a place, it’s a feeling: the feeling of walking down the hall to your locker in the morning, the feeling of smiling at teachers as you walk into class just before the bell, the feeling of being unable to contain laughter when sitting at lunch with your friends. Home was teal walls and quantum learning.  

Being seventeen and financially dependent on my parents presented a challenges in moving out on my own to return home. No one around me could understand my seemingly illogical drive to return when my family was there. It was an undeniable longing to be home that overpowered all logic and ultimately lead me to the decision to move across the country on my own at seventeen.

Over the summer I worked two jobs totaling at around 45 hours a week in order to obtain the funds to support myself until I could become re-employed. I left majority of my material possessions behind under my parent’s stairs. I drove 1,500 miles in my car with 300,000 miles on it. I am renting a room and supporting myself. I left the security of knowing my next tank of gas was paid for and there would be food waiting at the end of the day. And it was all worth it.

In your lifetime, if you’re lucky, you will experience unconditional acceptance. The true freedom to be yourself, to love and be loved freely. I found that comfort within CIVA.


Please join us for an amazing evening of entertainment.   September 28th at Stargazers Theatre:  CIVA students will be performing throughout the night and a delicious pasta dinner will be served.  Please see the flyer below for more details. 


We are going on our annual fall Outdoor Learning Expedition (OLE) from 9/12 - 9/14.  Click here for the packing list.   By way of review, students should come to school at the regular time on Tuesday; we will depart for Frontier Ranch that morning.  We will return to CIVA by 2:45 on Thursday.  Frontier Ranch is located at 22150 Co Rd 322, Buena Vista, (719)395-4111.

Students Not Attending OLE

Students should come to school during normal school hours.  They will work with teachers on assignments in the athenaeum and computer lab.  The regular school lunch program will not be available.  Students should bring lunches from home for those three days.


Our cross country team is thriving and Ultimate Frisbee games start soon.  Please see our website under events for dates and times for our cross country meets and Ultimate Frisbee games.

Upcoming Events

No Students - September 1

Fall OLE - September 12-14

No School - September 15

No Students -  September 18

Pictures retakes - September 20

World Affairs Challenge - September 21

Showcase at Stargazer's - September 28