CIVA Staff

Since 1997 CIVA staff have endeavored to inspire each student to understand and pursue their unique potential and prepare them for their future endeavors.  Each student is encouraged to engage in rigorous academic work, be inspired artistically and valiant athleticism. The staff creates a safe place to explore new ideas and overcome perceived limitations by creating an environment that fosters community and acceptance.

Colorado Springs Charter High School Staff & TeachersCIVA is a Colorado Springs Charter high school that offers smaller class size affording each student more individualized, personal attention from staff.  This ability to personally connect with each student is an outstanding feature that is enjoyed by staff and students alike, allowing CIVA to cultivate a nurturing, challenging learning environment.

CIVA staff is comprised of noteworthy professionals and academic scholars who have been trained in the technique of Quantum Learning, a brain-based learning technique focusing on how the brain encodes information.  They are a collaborative group that excel in both interpersonal skills and in their field of study which allows the students to feel confident in their teacher’s ability to challenge them academically. CIVA staff work with a single mindedness to instill knowledge and inspire students to attain their goals.

Emails in the CIVA Staff Directory have been provided, below, should you wish to connect with one of CIVA’s high school charter school staff members.


Name Department/Location Ext. Email
Mrs. Barnes Registrar/Front Office 123 Email
Mrs. Acree-McClenahan Artist in Residence 123 Email
Ms. Archer Science 117 Email
Mr. Benson Math 112 Email
Ms. Beyer English 121 Email
Mrs. Cameron Music 120 Email
Mr. Daskalov Social Studies 113 Email
Mr. Dineen English/Social Studies 110 Email
Mr. Hills Art 116 Email
Ms. Hills Math 103 Email
Mrs. Landry Asst. to the Executive Director 100 Email
Ms. Leider English Teacher 115 Email
Mrs. Madson Yoga Instructor 123 Email
Mr. Madson Theatre Teacher 123 Email
Mr. Orraj Special Education 104 Email
Ms. Palmblad English Teacher 107 Email
Ms. Reid Dance/Spanish 109 Email
Ms. Robinson Admin Associate 106 Email
Ms. Roybal ASL 123 Email
Ms. Van Scoy Science 118 Email
Mr. Wolfe Film/Photography Teacher 122 Email
Mrs. Wolfe Math/Science 111 Email
Mr. Zimmerman Exec. Dir./Headmaster 101 Email