CIVA Staff

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Main Number: 719.633.1306

Name Department/Location Ext. Email
Mrs. Barnes Registrar/Front Office 123 Email
Mrs. Acree-McClenahan Community Liasion 122 Email
Mr. Benson Math 112 Email
Ms. Beyer English 121 Email
Ms. Brown Asst. Principal/Sp.Ed. 104 Email
Mrs. Cameron Music 120 Email
Mr. Daskalov Social Studies 113 Email
Mr. Dineen English/Social Studies 110 Email
Mrs. Ferguson Theatre/Film 115 Email
Mr. Hills Art 116 Email
Ms. Hills Math 103 Email
Mrs. Johnson English 107 Email
Mrs. Landry Asst. to the Executive Director 100 Email
Ms. Reid Dance/Spanish 109 Email
Ms. Roybal ASL 118 Email
Mr. Twersky Science 117 Email
Mrs. Wolfe Math/Science 111 Email
Mr. Zimmerman Exec. Dir./Headmaster 101 Email