The Beak Summer 2019

CIVA travelers at St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland

Calendrical Matters

Registration is August 9th!

New students last name beginning with letters:

A - M  8:30 - 9:30       N - Z  9:30 -10:30

Returning students last name beginning with letters:

A – M 10:30 – 11:30   N – Z 11:30 – 12:30

First day of school August 14th 7:45 – 2:45

The school building opens at 7:15 and closes at 3:15

New Staff

Welcome to the following new CIVA staff:

Melissa Leider: English 9, Pre-AP English 9, Creative Writing, Band

Malerie Jo Madson:  Theatre I and II, Acting techniques, Theatre History

Kellie Palmblad:  English 12, Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition, Poetry, Speech

Elise Robinson: Senior seminar, college counseling, office administration

New College Course

CU Succeed course in Introduction to Global Politics, this course qualified by Professor Daskalov, is a University of Colorado approved course via the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.


In order to better serve our students and families we have made several improvements to the school building.  We are overjoyed to let you know that we have remodeled all of the bathrooms in the building, remodeled the theatre to increase the acoustic qualities and repurposed several rooms to provide more office space for our highly gifted teaching staff. 

Update Your Information

You can now update information about your student(s) through the ParentConnect website. Phone numbers, email addresses, health concerns and emergency contact information for each of your children can be updated, or you can verify that there are no changes.

Please go to and click on the ParentConnect icon to complete this process. You will need your ParentConnect PIN and password. If you do not know your PIN and password, click on the “Need Your Login Information” link, enter your email address, and you will receive an email containing your PIN and password. Once logged in, click on the “Fall Update” link (top right) to review and update each section.

Once you have completed the update process, you will receive an email for each student verifying you are done. You can then bring that email to registration as proof you have updated your information.

Apparel Support Update

This past spring CIVA’s Governing Board voted to update the dress code to better support the students.  Assisting students with wearing clothing that will enhance their education is why the dress code was established.  Sometimes there is ambiguity to a code that makes implementation difficult.  The Board has clarified the code to assist with easier cooperation.  On CIVA’s website under Board of Education policies "JICA CIVA Charter School Substantive Waiver" lists the updated code.  

International Students

HOSTING AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT -  WE NEED YOU!!!!    If you can host a student for the semester or year…please contact Holly Nichols.  She can be reached at or her phone is #806-577-9533.

Fall OLE

For our Fall OLE (Outdoor Learning Expedition), we will be going to Crooked Creek in Fraser on September 24th - 264th.  All paperwork and payment or payment arrangements must be made by August 30th.  Final numbers will be turned into the camp on August 30th so don't miss the deadline!  All forms are available on the website.  Please remember that the Power of Attorney must be signed in front of a notary (a notary is available at CIVA at no charge).

Support CIVA!

Do you shop at King Soopers?  If so, you can support CIVA while you shop!  Just go to to sign up.  All you need is a King Soopers loyalty card.  You can link your card to our school.  Either search for CIVA Charter High School or our account number MT250.  If you don't have a loyalty card already, just stop by the customer service desk at your nearest store.  Every time you shop, you will supporting CIVA!  Thank you for your consideration!

Upcoming Events

August 14 - first day of school

September 2 - Labor Day, no school

September 23 - teacher work day, no students

September 24-26 - Fall OLE

September 27 - no school

October 4 - homecoming

October 14 - teacher work day, no students

October 15 - data collaboration day, no students

October 17 - Fall Soiree

October 23-24 - Parent/teacher conferences

October 24-25 - no students