CIVA High School Student Travel Program

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Scotland & England Trip!

Does your student have the desire to travel and experience the world and other cultures? This is the ultimate opportunity for your child to be educated through an incomparable cultural experience that will change what they expect from themselves and their future!  Parents and other family members are also welcome to participate in the student educational travel tour with CIVA. We've learned so much from our international students, it's our students' turn to experience international travel! If you and your student are interested in CIVA’s High School student travel program, then continue reading below to find out more information and details regarding this fantastic opportunity.

Trip Details

CIVA Charter High School announces a new student educational travel opportunity for our students and adults. EF Education First, an accredited student educational travel program, is offering a study tour to Italy at special rates.  The trip is scheduled for June 2019.  Now is the time to book for the best rates.

Students can earn 5 high school elective credits with pre-tour, on-tour and post-tour coursework.

Cost includes:

  • flight
  • tour
  • breakfast and dinner
  • accommodations
  • experiential learning activities

CIVA has partnered with EF because of the long-lasting benefits global education can offer to both students and teachers. To increase the accessibility of global travel for all students, EF offers Fundraising information. We believe in allowing students to be immersed in other cultures and we look forward to educating both parents and students on the opportunity with CIVA’s High School student travel program.

Tentative departure: June 2019.


We are currently selling King Soopers re-loadable gift cards. The cost is $10. CIVA will get 5% back on purchases once we've reached $5000. Please, if you shop at King Soopers, stop in and purchase your card and support our students' travels.