Accountability Committee (SAC)




What does your SAC do?

What does your SAC do? CIVA Charter School Advisory Council “SAC” are parents and community members asking the question ”How is academic success achieved at CIVA?” They keep an eye on the big picture. They ask “Is CIVA staying on track with its academic goals?” They review school safety issues. They report back to you, our Governing Board, the BOE & the DAC on how CIVA is doing!

How can you be involved?

The purpose of the SAC is to inform, encourage and provide opportunities for parent and community members to be involved in the planning and evaluation of the school’s instructional program and quality improvement processes. Completing your spring survey is an easy way to get involved by providing valuable input to the SAC. Another way is by attending SAC meetings and voicing your opinions regarding academic or safety issues during open forum. Try coming and just listening during meetings or give your input on topics being discussed. You can quickly start making a difference for CIVA! Volunteer for various subcommittees: Data Analysis, School Improvement Plan, Survey, or Communications. If you become a SAC member there are: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Recorder and DAC Liaison positions.

Why be involved?

The SAC gives parents a say on the direction CIVA will take in achieving long term academic success. The SAC helps parents understand how to make academics a priority for CIVA. Parents can learn the process of how CIVA chooses to teach, challenge and assess its student body.

What issues should you bring to SAC?

Our SAC can advise on general academic achievement and safety issues as well as academic grant and budgetary expenditures. They can use information provided through regular CIVA meetings, parent surveys, open forums at SAC meetings and written concerns submitted to the SAC chairman and then read during open forum to determine general trends regarding academic and safety concerns. The SAC is not able to address personnel issues, individual student disciplinary issues, or any issue dealing with a specific student, staff member or parent. Consult your Student Handbook for solving these types of issues. By definition, the School Advisory Council is an advisory body. Final authority of any decision rests with the Executive Director and the Governing Board.

To contact the SAC chairperson please email