The Beak March 2016

2016 Testing

Upcoming Season of Testing

The Colorado Department of Education has updated the testing requirements for the spring of 2016.  They have significantly reduced the total number of hours required for assessments, while still ensuring students are thoroughly able to demonstrate their academic skills.  We look forward to having our students demonstrate how much they have learned and grown over the past year.  It is very important that we all work together at this time to support our students in this process.  The CMAS testing window will start for 9th graders on March 15; the testing has been reduced to just six hours.  Sophomores’ state wide will now take the PSAT exam on April 19th; this too is a reduction to just three hours of testing.  This exam will provide the teachers, students and parents with valuable information on their college readiness.  Juniors this spring will take the ACT for the last time on April 19th.  Next year the State is switching over to the SAT for juniors; which tests more critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Juniors will also be completing the three hour CMAS Science test starting April 11th.  Seniors will no longer take any exams.


CIVA is in agreement with the State requirements and we appreciate their mindfulness in making changes to better serve the students.   We are fortunate to live in Colorado where the State pays for the ACT and SAT exam, which is commonly required for college admission.  We ask for your support by ensuring the students are here on time and well rested for these important opportunities.  Each school in Colorado is evaluated on how well their students perform on these assessments.  It is crucial to have maximum participation, as the school is also evaluated on participation rates.  If for some reason a parent would like to not participate in these valuable exams, we request that you fill out a request to opt out form in the main office prior to the administration of the exams. 

Testing Schedule


9th grade - March 15th through March 30th

11th grade - April 12th through April 14th

Make-up days TBD



10th grade - April 19th

Make-up days - April 20th through April 29th



11th grade - April 19th

Make-up day - May 3rd


Upcoming Events

Spring Musical - April 7, 8 & 9

Data Collaboration Day (no students) - April 22

Prom - April 22