Colorado Springs Charter School

CIVA is a distinctive college preparatory school that highlights the arts. As a part of District 11, we offer a more specialized curriculum than other charter schools in Colorado Springs. CIVA offers a uniquely small and safe community of learners dedicated to inspiring knowledgeable scholars, expressive artisans, and concerned citizens. Our dedication to providing an innovative classroom with small class sizes inspires outstanding teachers.

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Creating Scholars, Artisans and Citizens

As scholars, students practice sound habits of the mind; focusing on developing curiosity, thoughtfulness, critical awareness and imagination. Becoming a knowledgeable scholar is a time-intensive endeavor; upon admission into CIVA, the journey will prepare students to become conversant, confident, well-read and thoroughly prepared for post-secondary academic success. As artisans, students exercise comprehensive habits of the soul; converging one’s special gifts of craftsmanship and interests with the discipline of creating high-quality work, which is reflective of the eye of the artist. As citizens, students employ benevolent customs of the heart; creating a school and societal community built upon trustworthiness, carefulness, concern, and commitment. Nestled in the heart of Colorado Springs, a proud, diverse and patriotic community, CIVA is a part of school district 11. We are also one of very few public charter schools in Colorado Springs. We believe in creating a global culture, which allows everyone to feel at home; our students thrive in an emotionally safe environment that encourages risk, growth and accomplishment. Confidence is developed through competence in the pursuit of habits of the mind, habits of the soul, and habits of the heart. Over 21 years ago, our school’s founder Dr. Richard Van Scotter, explicated the following teleology for our craft of schooling: “The purpose of education is not just to be better off. It is to be better; better artisans, better scholars and better citizens.” CIVA Charter High School’s purpose is to make you better, ourselves better, our school, community, and world better.

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