Available Staff & Teaching Positions in Colorado Springs

Available Staff Positions

All staff positions must be licensed and highly qualified.

All positions are currently filled. 


Available Board Positions

Please contact CIVA for information on open board positions.  

Becoming a part of the CIVA Charter High School team is an experience like no other teaching opportunity. CIVA is a close-knit community and when you decide to pursue a CIVA charter school career you are pursuing something unique and fulfilling. Our staff and teachers bring life to our school and they are the foundation of the uniquely small and safe community that we provide. These positions are not your average teaching position in Colorado Springs, CO. Our community is built on trustworthiness, carefulness, concern, and commitment. If you possess those characteristics and values, then you will fit in with the CIVA community well.

We don’t take these positions and our staff decisions lightly and it is our goal to staff licensed and highly qualified teachers in our school. Our teachers have the opportunity to make an everlasting impact on their student's lives. You will walk alongside the students in their journey to becoming conversant, confident, well-read, and thoroughly prepared for any post-secondary academic success that they decide to pursue. Our staff also has the opportunity to inspire students in their passion for the arts and creating high-quality work.

The education that our staff and teachers provide when investing in a charter school career, involves much more than just lesson plans. The purpose of our school is to make you better, ourselves better, our school, community, and our world better.

Our school is located in the heart of Colorado Springs, shadowed by beautiful Pikes Peak. Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities have a lot to offer for a comfortable and adventurous lifestyle. If you are interested in a teaching position in Colorado Springs, then look no further than CIVA Charter High School. Browse the available positions above and don’t hesitate to reach out to our current staff at (719) 633-1306 with any questions in regard to potential opportunities.