A Brief History of our Colorado Springs Charter High School

CIVA Charter High School Campus

CIVA opened its doors in September of 1997 after years of planning by a group of Colorado Springs teachers, representatives from the Hyde school, parents and other community members.  CIVA, whose name stands for Character, Integrity, Vision, and the Arts, offers the families of Colorado Springs a profound educative experience.  CIVA specializes in being an intentionally small college prep school with a specialized focus highlighting on the arts.

CIVA was a part of District 11's bond issue in 2004.  With the monies approved by the citizens of Colorado Springs, we were able to purchase a building and renovate it into a new and permanent school.  We are now located at 4635 Northpark Drive (near Garden of the Gods and I-25).

In recent history of our Colorado Springs charter school, CIVA has developed an alliance with the Quantum Learning Network.  Quantum Learning is a brain-based research model that maximizes student learning.  It is a model that increases student achievement through more effective teaching.  CIVA is the only high school in Colorado Springs that specializes in this pedagogy.  Our students have benefited greatly, as demonstrated by their academic performance since we adopted the Quantum Learning model.  Click here to see the 9 Keys.

Over the years, CIVA has developed into a profoundly successful school attracting students from a very wide area.  While most of our students come from District 11, 40% come from neighboring districts.  Additionally, approximately 15 % of the students are exchange students from other countries.  Together CIVA offers a very diverse and accepting peer culture, which empowers our students to excel artistically and academically.

CIVA has expanded its program to compete in athletics; we offer, ultimate Frisbee, rock climbing, yoga, fencing and cross country. 

CIVA Charter High School has established itself as a quality school.  For 21 years we have helped young men and women accomplish their educational goals.  We are proud of our current students and our alumni and look forward to enriching and making a continued impact on the community we serve.

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