CIVA Charter High School AthleticsAthletics at CIVA Charter High School

Here at Colorado Spring's CIVA Charter High School, we offer an array of competitive sports for students of all grades. Home of the infamous Ravens, we are proud to suit up or lace up for any sport our school plays. We encourage all of our students to join any type of after school program and receive experience in the team-building world. CIVA is proudly authorized by Colorado Springs District 11 and welcomed as a D11 school.

Aside from the Arts, athletics are also a vital educational component at CIVA Charter High School. Our programs are designed to promote both the physical and social development within our students. This provides exceptional opportunities for leadership, provides strong avenues to serve their school and their community and further develops the interests /talents of our students. Plus, why not let your kids blow off some steam and have some fun with outdoor activities?!

When challenging a student to excel in an advanced placement course or encouraging a student to learn a new sport; the creation of a safe place is imperative to bring out a student’s best work. Participating in both an artistic endeavor and an athletic venture instills learning skills from both sides of a youth’s brain. This aligns perfectly with our Quantum Learning brain-based learning model we practice here at CIVA. Ensuring lifelong habits of learning through an artistic and athletic mind provides endless opportunity for growth in our current and future students.

Sports offered at CIVA include:

  • Cross Country
  • Rock Climbing
  • Ultimate Frisbee

Our staff here at CIVA are always encouraging our students to broaden their horizons and try new things. We highly motivate our students to join an athletic team in addition to their other after school activities. The more you try, the more you learn, the more you grow! All of the above sports teach kids how to work together and combine their intellectual athleticism in order to reach a common goal. CIVA has had many successes with our teams in the past, including local Colorado Springs sports newscast recognition!

If your student is interested in joining any of the above sports teams, please contact our athletics office to receive more information on how to tryout! Our staff can assist in getting you the sport applications and your child will be on their way to playing on one of these fun teams.