Mr. Hills wins a grant!

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As part of a way to give back to the community and part of CIVA’s Art Outreach program, the fine arts department contacted Andrew Jackson Elementary earlier in the fall expressing interest in doing a mural on their property.  They happily accepted.  The only challenge was funding this project.  Majority of the budget at CIVA high school went to immediate art supplies, however not much was left for extra supplies for creating a mural such as: paint brushes,  variety of paints and sealants, student transportation, etc. would be necessary for this project to get started.  In January the Art department was awarded $500 to go towards the mural project.  The only thing left to do is schedule a time that this mural can be completed.   Ideally the project will be completed during the summer of 2016 when students have some time off from their rigorous schedules in order to provide community service to the schools in the Colorado Springs area.  A.P. studio art students will most likely be chosen to work on the project as this helps build their portfolio for the spring examination and portfolio review.  It is also a great way for students to get community service hours before graduating.  Regardless of what drives the student to complete the project, we are all very excited to start this endeavor!!!