Service Learning

About Service Learning

Part of CIVA's mission is to develop young people of character who learn the value of civic engagement.  CIVA requires each student to complete 35 hours of service learning, each year, in order to graduate.  Students along with the help of their parents will volunteer with an agency of their choosing to contribute to the betterment of our local community.

The service hours should be completed for an outside agency. We want students to find an area of interest or need and to volunteer their time as a gesture of helpfulness. We want students to learn something new and to grow in the process; what CIVA considers a habit of the heart. This service learning is not the same as community service; our students are not doing this as a punishment, but rather as a learning opportunity.

The service hours need to be performed within the calendar year of enrollment. For a new student entering in August, they would need to complete their hours by August of the following calendar year. The hours need to be documented and signed by the agency the student is working with.

All documented hours of service should be turned into the service learning coordinator at the beginning of each quarter. For students performing the hours over the summer, the documents need to be turned in within two weeks of the start of the new school year.

As per the enrollment agreement, students that fail to complete the service learning requirements will jeopardize their enrollment for the upcoming school year.

Any student that does not complete his/her service learning requirements will not earn a diploma.

Service Learning Opportunities

Service learning opportunities are available. Please contact Ms. McClenahan at to participate and start working on your hours.