Thinking About Transferring High Schools Junior or Senior Year?

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Often times we, as humans, take the path of least resistance for a variety of reasons; it is too daunting to change, what if the other path is worse than the one I am on now, the fear of the unknow to name a few. Even if the path we are currently on is lacking we struggle with the decision to try something new. New is scary. Especially if you have been on the path for a while. Changing jobs or schools can come with a lot of ‘what if’ questions that are easier left unanswered. Unfortunately, this can lead to regret later when looking back on the decision to do nothing.

Changing High Schools as an upperclassman because the current experience is falling short is a scary prospect. Wouldn’t it be better just to stick it out and be done? Not necessarily. There might be a better experience out there. One that makes learning more fun, more rewarding, and more life enhancing. Whether you choose CIVA or not it is worth a ponder, “Am I happy with my High School experience so far?” If the answer is anything other than a definitive yes maybe exploring other options is the bravest and life-giving thing a student could do.


Frequently Asked Questions About Transferring High Schools as an Upperclassman


Is switching high schools worth it?
Yes. If a student is not enjoying their high school experience, switching high schools is worth looking into! Many students are afraid of change, especially as upperclassmen, but what if there is something better suited for their learning style out there? Regardless of which grade a student is in, asking the question, “Is staying in a familiar education setting really worth the pain of dreading my current school experience?” Transferring schools can be uncomfortable, but it is not too late to change direction and change your life for the better!


Is senior year too late to transfer high schools?
No, it is never too late to do something better for yourself. If you are not thriving as an upperclassman, junior or senior year is the time to make a change. Logistically, you’d want to transfer at the start of the school year. If you’re looking for something different that will feed your soul, you’re going to want to transfer in the fall and keep credit count in mind. Switching in the Fall is best to ensure credit count is less likely to be harmed.

Before you make a change and transfer high schools senior year, make sure you know all your options. Give us a call so we can go through your credit count, and make sure you would benefit from changing high schools without impacting your progress.

How to decide if your teen should change high schools?
Some students will dislike school regardless of where they study, while others simply need a change of environment to truly thrive. When deciding whether it is worth it for your child to transfer schools, ask yourself the following questions: Is your student enjoying school? Are they thriving? Do they dread going to classes each morning? Whether it be from bullying, not being challenged enough or feeling like they do not fit in that is causing your student to feel miserable at school, it may be time to make a change. And it is not too late!


Contact CIVA Charter High School


CIVA welcomes students of every high school grade level, and we will work with you to ensure all logistics of transferring are taken care of to set your student up for success. CIVA places a unique emphasis on the arts and challenging academics. With our small class sizes, intriguing courses, engaging staff, and welcoming environment, we encourage your student to come see if they fall in love with high school at CIVA. Our culture is truly like no other, and it may be all your student needs to feel comfortable, confident, and happy at school.