School Choice in Colorado Springs: Should You Make the Switch?

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As parents, we share the unwavering desire to provide our children with the best possible education. We know that our children deserve to feel engaged and comfortable at school, looking forward to each day in an environment that supports their passions, ignites their hunger for learning, and sets them up for success beyond their time in high school. Sometimes, this can mean not following the given path and venturing beyond conventional routes to explore non-traditional schooling options.

What Is School Choice?

School choice provides students with the option to select which public school they would like to enroll
in, whether inside or outside of their local district. As an open enrollment state, Colorado students have the option to either attend their middle school’s feeder high school, or explore options outside of the feeder school for which they are zoned for. By “choicing in” to a public school of their choice, families in Colorado have the freedom to customize their child’s learning pathway and select the school that is most aligned with their child’s needs and interests.

If your student’s middle school or high school experience so far has been anything but sensational, then
we invite you to seek the less traditional path.

Connect With CIVA

Unlock Your Student’s Potential at CIVA Charter High School

As a local Colorado Springs charter high school in District 11, CIVA (Character, Integrity, Vision, and the Arts) is a unique charter school in Colorado Springs with small class sizes and a welcoming culture. At CIVA, every student is seen as an individual and our teachers nurture their education based on their unique strengths. Our curriculum is designed to academically challenge students while supporting their exploration of visual and performing arts. Whether your student is an incoming freshman, a transferring senior, or anywhere in between – we invite you to learn what CIVA is all about!

At CIVA, we value a warm and welcoming culture unlike anywhere else. Transitioning into a new high
school can be daunting for any student, whether as an incoming freshman or transferring high school
student. For this reason, we have crafted a culture of embracing kindness and diversity to ensure every student feels welcome and supported from the start. Many of our students have made the switch from their own feeder schools, and we value hosting a vibrant international exchange student presence. When your student enrolls in CIVA, you can be certain that your child will be embraced as an individual and never seen as just a number.

To truly experience all that CIVA has to offer, we encourage parents to schedule a tour with their child t see our vibrant, creative culture firsthand. Choosing to explore alternative school choice options, like
CIVA offers numerous benefits compared to taking the traditional route:


  • Small class sizes to support a personalized learning environment
  • A unique focus on the arts to explore creative thinking, self-expression, and innovative talents
  • Rigorous academics to promote achievement and prepare students for life beyond high school


Choicing in to your student’s school of choice is easier than you may think. Choosing CIVA as the next adventure in your child’s educational journey is the first step in providing them with the opportunity to truly thrive academically and artistically. Parents looking to make a profound impact on their child’s learning experience can get started by contacting us to express interest or giving a welcoming CIVA staff member a call to have any questions answered. We will guide you through the application process, ensuring a smooth school choice transition.

Learn more about CIVA and the benefits of your student loving where they go to school!