CIVA Staff

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Main Number: 719.633.1306

Name Department/Location Ext. Email
Ms. Reimer Registrar/Front Office 123 Email
Mrs. Acree-McClenahan Community Liasion 122 Email
Mr. Benson Math 112 Email
Mrs. Benson Spanish 109 Email
Ms. Beyer English 121 Email
Ms. Bolger Science 117 Email
Ms. Brown Asst. Principal/Sp.Ed. 104 Email
Ms. Burwell Math/Science 111 Email
Mrs. Cameron Music 120 Email
Mr. Daskalov Social Studies 113 Email
Mr. Dineen English/Social Studies 110 Email
Mrs. Ferguson Theatre/Film 115 Email
Mr. Hills Art 116 Email
Ms. Hills Math 103 Email
Mrs. Johnson English 107 Email
Ms. Landry Asst. to the Executive Director 100 Email
Ms. Reid Dance 302 Email
Ms. Roybal ASL 118 Email
Mr. Zimmerman Exec. Dir./Headmaster 101 Email