CIVA Foundation Scholarship - Deadline December 16!

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The CIVA Foundation will award one scholarship of $2500 to a graduate in the CIVA Class of 2020.

CIVA seniors are invited to apply.

Deadline for application is 16 December 2019.

Criteria for award accord with the CIVA mission:

  • Scholarship, to include “habits of the mind” such as curiosity, thoughtfulness, critical awareness and imagination.
  • Citizenship in the classroom and larger society, displaying responsibility, dependability, care, commitment and other genuine “habits of the heart.”
  • Artisanship, meaning cultivation of one’s special gifts as seen in high-quality work, especially by creating, staging or performing arts — “habits of the soul.”

Application.  Students wishing to apply should prepare and submit:

  • A statement setting forth how she or he has met the criteria for award, as well as aspirations and expectations for higher education and how the award will be used (institution of higher education, degree to be sought).
  • At his or her option, applicant may include (1) an essay prepared for class or other purpose showing analytical, writing and creative skills, (2) recording of performance or (3) photo or other reproduction of art.
  • Recommendations further attesting and illustrating the accomplishments and potential. AN APPLICATION MAY HAVE NO MORE THAN TWO RECOMMENDATIONS FROM A CIVA TEACHER OR ADMINISTRATOR.
  • Transcript(s) from high school(s) attended plus SAT/ACT scores.

Interview.  The foundation board will decide up to three finalists, interviewing each finalist in making its final decision.  Interviews will be conducted early in the second semester.

Winner will be announced no later than 2 March 2020.

The fine print.  The winning student will be given a letter to this effect to submit to college(s).  The foundation will send the check to the college after admission has been finalized.  The scholarship may be used only to pay tuition and fees (not room, board, travel).  The college must be a properly accredited college/university or community/junior college or vocational college.  The scholarship recipient is to assure that the college sends transcripts to the foundation showing his or her academic progress for the first year of study.