Senior Seminar

Course Length: 1 Semester Grade: 12
Credit per Semester: 2.0 Prerequisite: None
The senior seminar class is an innovative approach to getting graduating seniors enrolled into a college or university prior to their spring graduation date. The class starts off by showing students how to enroll in the COF (Colorado Opportunity Fund). COF enrollees pay less per college credit at in-state colleges and universities than students who have not enrolled. Students then go on to learn about the importance of reference letters.

They also come to know what makes a good reference letter and how to channel their reference letter writer toward writing that excellent letter for them. Students also learn how to present the letters to their chosen schools for the best affect. Finding the funding for their post-secondary education is of great importance to students and their families. Senior seminar students investigate the various means to fund their education and reduce their out-of-pocket expense. Topics covered include grants, scholarships, work-study, student loans, and additional funding sources. Students will learn what is included in the COA (Cost of Attendance) and how they can manage these expenses.

College essays are also included in the semester. Senior charter high school students learn what colleges are looking for in a college essay and how to writing an essay that will stand out from all the others. Students will also gain knowledge of how colleges select students, when is the best time of the year to apply for college, and what to do if their current qualifications don’t meet that of their chosen university. Students also receive assistance in filling out college applications. Students will have the opportunity to meet with several college representatives during the semester. A wide variety of schools, ranging from public to private and in state as well as out of state, are represented. Students have the opportunity to make connections with college representative who can assist them in the application process, often waiving application fees, and provide in-depth information about their school’s college experience.