Junior Seminar

Course Length: 1 Semester Grade: 11
Credit per Semester: 2.0
The junior seminar is the first step on the direct path to college enrollment. The first part of the semester is dedicated to preparing students for the all-important college entrance exam – either the ACT or SAT, depending on which test the Colorado Department of Education has selected for the year. Test preparation includes providing students with various test taking strategies. These strategies are then practiced as students take sample ACT/SAT tests. Students will come to know which test taking strategies works the best for them.

Through taking these sample tests, the instructor is able to determine areas of academic weakness and provide remediation and practice in those areas so students can obtain the best possible testing outcome. Students will learn that a standardized test really means that it is a predictable test. The test structure and the amount and types of questions do not vary from year to year. The structure of the test will be analyzed so students can see what types of questions are asked and what areas the student needs to give particular focus. The most often seen vocabulary words for the test will be reviewed as well as other relevant, often seen test content. Students will have the opportunity to take an entire ACT or SAT test one or more times in order to get a feel for the test structure as a whole and to become familiar with the timing of the test. The ACT or the SAT are usually given in April.

That leaves the rest of the semester for the Colorado Springs charter high school students to start to gear up for their enrollment into the college of their choice. This usually includes a visit to multiple college campuses in the state. Students learn what to look for in a college and how to determine if a college is the right fit for them. Students begin to refine what career path they are interested in and what post-secondary education they will need in order to obtain their goals. Other life skill and enrichment areas may also be investigated such as presentations by the Colorado Safe Driving Program as well as The Peace Corps and/or AmeriCorps.