A favorite aspect of CIVA’s program are our weekly forums.  A forum is similar to a whole school assembly. The purpose of which is to foster a greater feeling of community amongst the staff and students.  A wide variety of activities make our forums meaningful and enjoyable.  To honor and learn from our exchange students throughout the course of the year, each international student will give a presentation on their country of origin.  This is a very engaging way for our students to learn about other countries and cultures. 

As many or our students are interested in the performing arts, we provide them with a time to showcase their talents. It is very common for a student to sing a song, recite a poem, deliver a monologue, give a speech or perform a dance. It is a positive way for students to build their presentation skills and grow in confidence with a friendly and encouraging audience.

It is also common for students to receive awards such as honor roll, dean’s list or receive recognition for athletic accomplishments. As students earn entrance into colleges we celebrate their accomplishments.

Community is built through shared experiences, our community gathers at least once a week to celebrate and encourage one another.