Vision:  To inspire each student to understand and pursue his/her unique potential. 

Mission:  To develop young people of character who acquire three essential qualities of the educated individual, citizen and worker.

  • CIVA students will become scholars who develop "habits of the mind" to include curiosity, thoughtfulness, critical awareness and imagination.
  • CIVA students will become citizens of the classroom and the larger society in which they display responsibility, dependability, care, commitment and other genuine "habits of the heart."
  • CIVA students will develop as artisans who learn to tap into their special gifts to create high-quality work that commands a deep involvement while giving meaning to their efforts through acquiring "habits of the soul."

Each student will develop these three characteristics in an emotionally safe, yet challenging and rigorous environment, with the support of peers, parents, teachers, and staff that understand and are committed to their educative, nurturing roles.